Top 3 Technology Tips you can Implement this Earth Day

Happy Earth Day!

Earth Day marks a time where people reflect on what they’re doing to keep our planet clean and thriving. Whether you compost, recycle, take short showers, or drive electric, take the day to reflect on what you’ve done to help the environment, as well as other ways you can make a difference. Below are 3 technology tips that are good for the planet and your bottom line.

  1. Reduce your paper usage: Unless a business document needs to be on paper for legal purposes, avoid printing out things like emails, online forms, and business manuals. Going as paperless as possible saves trees, but also saves you money by reducing the amount you spend on paper and ink. Paper-form documents can also be fairly inefficient for business purposes, as they can’t be integrated, automated, or accessed remotely. The manual nature of dealing with paper documents slows down your business and racks up manual label hours.
  2. Implement electronic and cloud storage: So, if you decide to switch to dealing with documents digitally, where do you store them? In the cloud! Physically storing documents necessitates the use of physical space, air conditioning, and other environmental (and financial) burdens. In fact, the paperless Project estimates that to maintain just one file cabinet, it can cost as much as $1,500 and one employee annually. Dealing with file cabinets can also make organization a headache, and the threat of natural disasters wiping out important information is a concern as well. Consider storing vital documents within your electronic business management system, for the sake of the planet and your pockets.
  3. Leverage remote work: If you’re in an industry that can allow employees to work remotely, consider implementing a remote or hybrid work plan Working remotely instead of commuting to an office results in less air pollution from vehicle emissions. Additionally, recent studies suggest that as many as 68% of US employees prefer remote work over in-person work. Why is this important for your business? Because happier employees are correlated with higher levels of productivity. This isn’t too surprising when you take into consideration that 77% of remote workers claim that they’re more productive when they work from home.

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