The 5 best ways to repurpose your old Android

Do you have an old Android phone and you don’t know what to do with it? Maybe you’re thinking about storing it in a drawer, selling it, or trading it in. Whether your phone is too old to warrant a high trade-in value, or if you’re just interested in trade-in alternatives, continue reading to learn the top 5 ways to repurpose your old Android.

  1. Store your photos: Pictures can take up a significant amount of storage, so store them on your old phone to save room on your new one! You can send photos taken on your new device to the old one, or use your old device as a camera and take it places you’d usually be hesitant to take a new phone, like the beach or lake.
  2. Turn it into a Google Home: This process is simple and requires no downloads and no $130 Google Home purchase. First, make sure the phone is updated to the latest Android OS. Next, pair your phone to a Bluetooth speaker and keep both plugged in at all times. Now, you’ll be able to give it Google commands whenever you want!
  3. Convert it into a Game Boy: Did you know that you can convert your old Android into a Nintendo Game Boy? All you need is a compatible Android and a $50 Hyperkin Smartboy Mobile Device. To play, you’ll still need to own or buy Game Boy cartridges. Alternatively, you can also play Game Boy advance apps if you don’t have the cartridges.
  4. Use as a universal remote: If you’re not sure what to do with an old Android- turn it into a remote! Downloading a remote control app and syncing your phone to your devices will allow you to control things like Rokus, Apple TVs, Xboxes, and even smart light bulbs.
  5. Turn it into a home security camera: This is a simple but effective way to keep your eyes on your home while you’re away. Simply download a security camera app and place it in a main room of the house in a place where you have a good view. Additionally, you can set it up outside when you’re home to see who’s knocking on your door.

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