7 Gmail Tricks you can Start Using today

An astounding number of people use Gmail to send and receive emails. In fact, Gmail accounts for 1.8 billion active email accounts. If you’re part of that 1.8 billon, you may not be familiar with all the platform has to offer. To learn how to best customize and optimize your Gmail experience, read below to uncover the 7 best Gmail tricks you can implement today.

  1. Color-Code Important Messages: You probably already know that starring messages puts your most important emails in a separate folder for easy access. However, did you know that you can color-code your messages too? To further organize your emails with color-coded stars, go to settings, scroll down to the General tab, and drag More Color Options to the “In Use” section.
  2. Smart Compose: If you write with traditional office lingo, then this tool is a must for you. Just by typing the beginning of a sentence, Google will suggest the remainder of it, saving you time and typing. Smart Compose can be turned on and off under settings, and is even accepting feedback on the quality and relevance of suggested phrases.
  3. Unsend an Email: After you send an email, you may notice a small box containing the word “Undo” will appear in the lower right corner of the window. Directly clicking on this will allow you to unsend a message.
  4. Advanced Search: This is a useful tool that can help you find pieces of information buried in your inbox. It allows you to search by date, words, sender, receiver, or even by words an email doesn’t To access this tool, simply click the icon with 3 slider bars in the search box at the top of your inbox.
  5. Mute Conversation: To mute a thread that gets an excess of replies, first check the box on the left of an email in the thread. On the options bar that appears at the top, select the 3 dots to bring in the dropdown menu. From there, select Mute and enjoy the silence.
  6. Customized Inbox: If you wish to prioritize your inbox, first click the Quick Settings gear icon. Next, select a custom inbox based on what you’d like to see first: unread, important, or starred.
  7. Confidential Mode: Did you know that you can set an expiration date on a private email? To make an email disappear after a certain amount of elapsed time, click the lock icon near the send button prior to sending an email.

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