Is technology included in your spring-cleaning routine?

Spring marks a time of regrowth and change, and many take this season as an opportunity to tidy up their house or apartment. However, Spring is also a good time to remember to clean up your technology and cyber footprint. Throughout the year, people widen their cyber footprint by doing things like paying bills, shopping, or using social media. To remove this type of clutter and protect yourself and your loved ones from potential attacks, there are several things you can do this Spring.

First, review your passwords and update them with stronger, more unique ones when necessary. Use Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) on accounts that contain sensitive information, such as bank or retirement accounts.

Next, review all email accounts. Organize your emails into folders of items you want to keep and delete the ones you no longer need or unsubscribe from spam senders. You may also want to review and update filters to send unwanted marketing or spam messages directly to trash.

Social media accounts often also need a bit of tidying up. Here, it is useful to search yourself online to get an idea of what comes up for curious searchers. To clean up your accounts, review your privacy setting as well as photos and videos and determine if you want to change any settings or delete any content. If you wish to delete an account, don’t just delete the app, delete or deactivate your entire account.

Perhaps most importantly, make sure all of your devices and operating systems are updated and review and test your backup and data recovery plan. Additionally, make sure that you can restore from a backup and review what you’re backing up, as well as your backup location and media.

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