Are you being tracked by an Apple AirTag?

Apple’s AirTag devices have risen in popularity since their release in 2021. Though their aim is to help users track items such as their keys or bags by attaching an AirTag to them, some have found more nefarious uses for these tracking devices. There have been reported cases of AirTags being slipped into someone’s bag or car without their content. This act of secretly tracking an unsuspecting victim is a serious concern for survivors of domestic abuse, and has also been used in attempts to stalk others or steal cars.

So, what can you do if you believe someone is using an AirTag to track you? The most basic thing you can do is to manually search yourself and your belongings for places where an AirTag may have been slipped in. However, because of its small size, you may not be able to find the device. Therefore, a good next step is to use a Bluetooth tracking app to scan your area to see if there is an AirTag nearby. If you do find an AirTag nearby and want to find its serial number in case you need to alert law enforcement, you can find that number without alerting the owner by using Apple’s Find My app. First, hold the device up to your phone , tap on the name of it, and then you will be able to see its serial number. Alternatively, you can also tap and hold the top of an NFC-capable smart phone to the white side of the AirTag. The webpage that pops up will contain the serial number. To disable the device so that the owner can no longer see your location, twist it counterclockwise on the back by the Apple logo and take the battery out. When in doubt, contact law enforcement if you believe that you’re being tracked. If you’d like to discuss online safety, feel free to contact us at